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Climate Change Intervention in North-East Nigeria: Call to Action for climate disclosure and monitoring
Fredrick Usen
By Fredrick Usen January 16, 2022
Introduction The UN Climate Change Conference 26 or simply COP 26 held in Glasgow, UK between October 31st to November 12th, 2021 brought together world leaders to re-examine commitments made to address carbon emissions and global warming; limit warming to well below 2℃, aiming for 1.5℃ to avoid a climate catastrophe. The President of Nigeria […]
Impact Assessment of Foreign Partnerships for African Agrihood and Home Biogas
Lionel Issombo
By Lionel Issombo December 15, 2021
Abstract In recent years, African economy has seen efforts to transition toward greener models, thanks to the expansion of circular economy from the developed world, and the adoption of sustainable development policies globally. Known to have the second-largest landmass and stretching to approximately 8,000 km – 5,000 miles –, Africa possesses immense and diverse resources, […]
COVID-19 Variant Outbreaks and the Global Sustainable Development Dilemma for the South
Lionel Issombo
By Lionel Issombo December 7, 2021
Abstract The outbreak of the Omicron variant in the Southern African region has revived discussions about problematics of vaccine distribution, economic progression and multilevel foreign and domestic policy shifts globally. Covid-19 variants are reiterated as a serious concern to socio-economic and political managements of all countries, and further widens the development gap between the global […]
Behind the Headlines at COP26 – Hanife Ymer
Green Bee
By Green Bee December 1, 2021
New Green Bee Podcast Episode: On this episode Alia welcomes Hanife Ymer, Head of Sustainability Services MENA at JLL, to the Green Beehive. They discuss the impact of the transition to the low carbon economy in the real estate sector as well as Hanife’s take on the outcomes of Cop 26. Listen below on Spotify: […]
Using videogames & gamification to promote pro-environmental behaviour in consumers
Malin Wagner
By Malin Wagner November 25, 2021
The number of gamers worldwide will reach 3 billion by 2023, according to Newzoo. With this spectacular growth in the gaming audience, it is important to point out that the gamer demographic is extremely diverse. The average gamer is 34 years old and 45% of gamers in the US are women (source: ESA). An increased […]
Why Carbon Offsetting is the A&E for the Environment
Michael Payton
By Michael Payton November 21, 2021
We all know that carbon offsetting can’t be the ultimate answer to the climate crisis.  But right here, right now, it’s the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department our environment needs. COP26 wasn’t a resounding success, let’s be honest.   When the global climate is heading for a calamitous rise in temperature we really needed our world […]
Cities Low Carbon Transitions and Barriers to Entry
Chris Carter
By Chris Carter November 10, 2021
With global climate change targets set to keep the average mean global temperature from exceeding a 2°C rise, decisive changes are required and cities are at the epicentre of both the causes and solutions.  Urban area’s account for less than 3% of land area yet hold over 50% of the global population [1]. Currently around three […]
Urban Sprawl and the need to improve mobility
Chris Carter
By Chris Carter November 10, 2021
Transportation networks are fundamental in the shaping of urban areas, arguably none more so than the car. As Calthorpe explains that cities have been ‘unconsciously designed’ by its roads and highway structures. The result has been consistent as can be seen in many cities around the U.S.A, urban areas with low density settlements have become […]
Urban Mobility: A Complex Transition to Low Carbon
Chris Carter
By Chris Carter November 10, 2021
An improved understanding of mobility in combination with more sustainable forms of transport is key to the future of cities and the transition to low carbon mobility. For this to occur a mix of multiple forms of mobility is required, leading to the question, what are these various forms of mobility and what solutions do […]
Driving Investment toward Low Carbon Energy in the Global South
Chris Carter
By Chris Carter November 10, 2021
It is crucial that climate policy addresses the global investment challenge as a transition to a low carbon society will require a substantial financial investment. The International Energy Agency estimates that to meet the rising global energy demand an infrastructure investment of US$37 trillion is required by 2035. This translates to an annual investment of […]
Understanding the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)
Ayo Williams
By Ayo Williams November 1, 2021
At the time of writing this article on October 31st 2021, the COP 26 summit is getting underway in Glasgow. This conference has been heralded as the most significant fortnight for humanity, this century. Not only is there a global recognition of the threat of climate change to our fundamental way of life, there is […]
How Saudi Arabia can leverage its unique position to produce ethical aluminium
By Jumana Miqdadi October 28, 2021
In January 2021, Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund (“PIF”), announced the second phase of its strategic goals under Vision 2030. Named the Vision Realisation Program (VRP2), it plans to commit $320 billion to non-oil and gas projects by the end of 2030 and to launch thirty new companies in alternative sectors, […]
The ESG Digital Revolution
By Kim G. October 26, 2021
By Kim Goodhall Member of Green Bee’s Network of Experts This study entitled “The ESG Digital Revolution” seeks to examine the current intersection between ESG data and technology and its future direction. We spoke to a range of senior market participants from well-known firms and our findings are based on a series of qualitative interviews […]
Our favourite sustainable food companies
Green Bee
By Green Bee October 14, 2021
Organic Valley Ella’s Kitchen All Plants OLIO Chip[S] Board About the Author
From trying to prevent climate change to needing to manage it.
Green Bee
By Green Bee September 20, 2021
New Green Bee Podcast Episode: On this episode Michael Pottinger talks about climate change and the shift in recent times in the attitude of businesses and governments, as we come to accept that we can no longer stop climate change happening and instead need to manage it. Michael also touches on how climate change will […]

Human Rights Due Diligence in African Supply Chains

Public pressure is mounting on businesses to protect human rights along their supply chains. Governments around the world began translating the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) into law. These developments impact human rights due diligence in African supply chains.

Why Should MENA Companies Invest in Sustainability Reporting?

Sustainability reporting allows investors to identify firms with sustainable investment opportunities. It also provides investors with relevant information on long-term risks and value. Through sustainability reporting, MENA companies can explain how they mitigate ESG-related risks.

In a global financial system that increasingly rewards sustainability, disclosures promise capital. In MENA countries, companies with sustainability reports will stand out to foreign investors.

How to Promote Infrastructure PPPs in MENA

PPPs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are often restricted to technology-intensive sectors. To date, they have rarely been adopted in social infrastructure projects.

This briefing puts forth six recommendations that help facilitate a broader implementation of PPPs in the MENA region.