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Human Rights Due Diligence in African Supply Chains

Public pressure is mounting on businesses to protect human rights along their supply chains. Governments around the world began translating the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) into law. These developments impact human rights due diligence in African supply chains.

Why Should MENA Companies Invest in Sustainability Reporting?

Sustainability reporting allows investors to identify firms with sustainable investment opportunities. It also provides investors with relevant information on long-term risks and value. Through sustainability reporting, MENA companies can explain how they mitigate ESG-related risks.

In a global financial system that increasingly rewards sustainability, disclosures promise capital. In MENA countries, companies with sustainability reports will stand out to foreign investors.

How to Promote Infrastructure PPPs in MENA

PPPs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are often restricted to technology-intensive sectors. To date, they have rarely been adopted in social infrastructure projects.

This briefing puts forth six recommendations that help facilitate a broader implementation of PPPs in the MENA region.