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Gain industry-leading insights from a network that knows sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. Tap into deep knowledge of regional and sector-specific challenges, and unlock opportunities in the market without compromising social, environmental or business prosperity.

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Enhance your team with specialist sustainability skill sets. Each sustainability consultant in our curated network is an authority in their field, and Green Bee will match you with the people you need.


Get an expert’s perspective on your situation. Whether you’re scoping the competition, or hoping to capitalise on regional opportunities, our sustainability consultants can help.


With 80% of the global workforce set to be independent freelancers by 2030, it’s more important than ever to have access to a trusted network.
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Hiring a consultant through our expert platform saves 50% compared to the heavy markups used by traditional consultancy firms.
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More than three in four consumers are more likely to buy from a company with a sustainability pledge, making it essential for future business survival.
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Rigorous talent selection

All our consultants are hand picked to
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You choose the consultant you want, and
that’s the person who you’ll work with.

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On demand talent to help you build your team quickly and with flexibility.

Low risk

Only pay after you successfully find the
talent you need, with no hidden costs.

Consulting and project support

Get as much or as little support as you need,
from an hour’s call to a full project.

A world-class community of experts at your finger tip

Ergem T.
Expert in supply chains, green entrepreneurship, partnerships and collaborations.
Sustainable Corporate Strategy checkmark
Torsten G.
Expert in circular economy procurement solutions
Sustainable Corporate Strategy checkmark
Cammy S.
Expert in sustainability in the construction sector”
Sustainable Corporate Strategy checkmark
Neal C.
Expert in Net Zero Technology and low carbon home energy management
Science & Engineering checkmark
Tom B.
Expert in policy development and corporate environmental compliance
Sustainable Corporate Strategy checkmark
Maggie H.
Expert and scientist in De-carbonized Energy Systems & Hydrogen
Science & Engineering checkmark

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Could you be part of our community of sustainability experts and consultants? Green Bee is a platform on which to build a more sustainable world while promoting your macro insights, regional expertise and technical knowledge.

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Could you be part of our community od sustainability experts and consultants?

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